My mom and dad picked me up yesterday from the blonde woman. I actually didn’t notice them at first because I was VERY relaxed at that moment. The blonde woman and I were laying in the grass, ok, I was laying ON her lap because I didn’t want dirty paws. Anyway, we were lounging “on” the grass, which I would have protested because of the heat, in fact I DID protest and try to run upstairs into her place and back into my bed under the fan, BUT then the blonde woman created magic! She put the water thing.. the hose.. onto this weird scary looking snake contraption and suddenly we were laying under this magical cooling mist. Now, I don’t love baths, rain isn’t my pal, but this wasn’t bad, in fact, this was really REALLY good.¬†

So, we are laying there and I’m zoning out into a happy doggie place with a HUGE dog smile, when I hear my Dad’s voice. Then my Mom’s voice. It’s a heat induced canine¬†hallucination. That’s what I assume. Only..then the gate to the backyard opens and I blink blink blink… OMG YAY! Mom, Dad, Mom, Dad, MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM…upstairs…get stuff…blonde woman grabs me and carries & snuggles me from her house to the van and yay, back to Mom. Mom MOM MOM MOM MOM! Dad! YAY!

The blonde woman looked sad when I left though. I think I heard her ask my Mom & Dad if I could come hang out a couple times a week with her. I’d like that, especially if I get to see my harem and get pets by the people at the grass pee place, err green tea place!

Yay. Mom & Dad came back. Yay.